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Gas pressure regulators type ALz is designed for single-stage automatic regulation of inlet high or medium pressure on demand and automatically maintain the output gas pressure at a predetermined value regardless of fluctuations in line pressure and gas flow.

Gas pressure regulators are used in systems of gas supply of municipal, agricultural and industrial facilities.

These regulators can be used for natural gas.


56 years of experience in the production of pressure regulators

• The safety and reliability of the equipment

• European quality

• Consumer confidence

• Technological competence of personnel

Easy maintenance

• Parsing the availability and maintainability

• The strength of materials used

• The lack of influence of external vibration

• Optimum sizes for ease of installation andservice

Guaranteed service

• Flanged connections allow easy assembly and disassembly of the  regulator.

• Upgradeable from type AB to BD and CE.


Dimension sketch


Basic technical specifications


Flow characteristic regulator

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Output overpressure / kPa /

FLOW m3h-1/


Двойное регуляционное устройство с регуляторами давления Alz-6U

Gas pressure regulator

Gas pressure regulator

Gas pressure regulator

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Регуляторы давления газа Rp-6, Rp-10 c отключающим устройством | GMR GAS
Basic technical specifications

Regulators of gas pressure
Model ALz-6U

Standard execution

• Material housing made of durable cast iron, the other castings, special aluminium alloy.

• Details of the regulator are made of material resistant to gas.

• Built-in safety relief valve.

• Built-in disconnect device that is designed to automatically stop the flow of gas to the regulator in case of increase or lowering the pressure above the set value input, which is designed to automatically stop the flow of gas into the emergency regulator increase the inlet pressure or lowered beyond the specified values.

Filter, which prevents the ingress of particulate matter in the regulator.

• The ability to rotate the shell disconnecting device on 90° and rotate the regulator casing from 0° to 360°.

• Depending on the direction of gas flow controller can be installed in four different positions, namely, with the flow from bottom to top, top to bottom and horizontally (left or right).

Qualitative Governor even at low input gas pressure (from 0.02 Mpa).

• Spring mechanism that does not require auxiliary power.

• Operating temperature range from -35° c to +60° c.

Stable operation at zero flow.

• Internal impulse line.

• Input and output on a single line.

• The warranty is valid for 3 years.

Lifespan-40 years.

Gas Pressure Regulator type ALz - schematic diagram.

Gas Pressure Regulator type ALz - schematic diagram.

The principle of ALz-6U GMR GAS regulators.

The regulator arranged, and connected devices work: direct pressure regulator, shut-off valve, relief valve (UCS), a filter for separating dust and mechanical particles.
The pressure regulator illustrated in Figure consists of a working valve (6), which is simultaneously shut-off valve seat (12) of the valve housing (3), wherein the fixed seat (7).
The regulator valve means operating rod (15) and the lever mechanism (10) is connected to the working diaphragm (8).
The feed gas to the control medium or high pressure passes through the inlet strainer and passing through the gap between the working valve (6) and the seat (7) is reduced to low pressure on the outlet nozzle and is supplied to the consumer.
The pulse from the output pressure is transmitted to the cavity submembrane knob control line (21). The membrane via a lever mechanism (10) and stem (15) moves the operating valve and thereby regulate the output pressure. Spring adjuster (16) and an adjusting nut (18) intended to adjust the output pressure.

In the center of the membrane (8) is a relief valve (13) with the setting spring (17). The regulator has a cover relief channel for gas to the atmosphere. Channel for footprint relief is protected from mechanical particles in a metal strainer regulator (19) and equipped with a silencer for protection against vibration occurrence.
In the case of increasing the pressure regulator output beyond acceptable values ​​Fp opens relief valve (13), providing a gas to the atmosphere.

By increasing or decreasing the output pressure of gas to a value setting the shut-off valve, a lever (10) moves the lever segment (9) to a position in which the ball shut-off valve (11) is disengaged from the lever segment (9) and the shut-off valve (12) under a spring (23) closes the valve seat (7) and gas supply is stopped. Shut-off valve and stops gas flow at an extreme increase in gas consumption and break the membrane.
Start the controller in the work is done manually after the elimination of the causes of the operation shut-off valve.

Gas distribution in the controller.

Gas distribution in the controller.

1. The regulator cover.
2. The housing regulator.
3. The valve body.
4. Cork.
5. Stem.
6. The valve working.
7. Saddle.
8. The membrane of regulator.

9. lever segment.

10. Lever.
11. Ball shut-off valve.
12. The shut-off valve.
13. relief valve.
14. The seat of the relief valve.
15. The stem of the valve.
16. The spring regulator.

17. The spring of the relief valve.
18. adjusting nut.
19. Strainer gas channel to reset to the atmosphere.
20. The strainer inlet.
21. The pulse tube.
22. Nozzle.
23. A spring shut-off valve.