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The advantages of gasification of a private house .

The content of the article:

Why gas heating is the best?

Disadvantages of gas heating

Types of gas heating

Independent gasification of private house

Where to start gasification?

Why gas heating is the best?

Private house – not an apartment but a whole small world with separate rules and the entire spectrum of Autonomous communications in a limited space. If you own a house or just built it, you will have to decide what to heat your home. 

Options of raw materials to choose not so much: gas, electricity, firewood. We will not in this article to talk about all the types of heating in detail, we focus on our business, and we will try to indicate what are the pros and cons of gas heating of private houses. 

The main factor that makes the gas connection to private home beneficial – the cost of this type of fuel. The cost of heating homes with gas four times cheaper than heating with electricity and is several times cheaper than heating with wood. 

But gas heating and other advantages:

• environmentally friendly;
• no products of combustion and unnecessary waste;
• the durability of the gas system;
• safety of use (of course, subject to certain rules);
• ability to connect to heating system, gas stove, gas column and other gas consumers.

Disadvantages of gas heating

On the other hand, there are difficulties when connecting the gas heating in a private home. 

First, the primary expenses for the gas connection and purchase of gas equipment is undoubtedly more than the connection to other types of heating. Therefore, a first plug in electric heating, and then save up for connection to the gas. On the other hand, the cost of connecting gas to a private home pays on average for 5-8 years, and then begins the "net profit" (which is the absence of extra current of money out of your pocket).

Second, it is not possible to connect to the main pipeline gas. This topic is worth considering in more detail. 

Types of gas heating

The gas connection to a private home in two ways: centrally, from gas mains, and Autonomous, if you use liquefied natural gas from special tanks, cylinders or gas tanks. 

Of course, centralized connectivity to the main gas pipeline is more profitable and convenient. The duration of the gasification shorter (of course, this is relative since the whole process takes more than a year). 

Gas supply from main gas pipeline is easier, more convenient and cheaper, don't need a tank of liquefied gas and to monitor the presence of gas in it. 
But this connection method also has disadvantages: in some localities the connection to the Central highway is still impossible or too costly for the local population.

Also, there is another problem when connecting private homes to the main gas pipeline connectivity is determined by the owner of the pipeline. Most often it is the local distribution company or city, oblgaz, then you just need to make a statement about the permit for the gas connection. But if the owner of the gas pipeline in your area – a private company, the price can be any, even the most inflated. 

Independent gasification of private house

The use of gas in cylinders (LPG)

This is the most popular option in suburban areas, where year-round gas heating is not necessary, and where there is a constant supply of cylinders at affordable prices. 

Gas tank — is a convenient special container to store the gas. The cost of such storage starts from 150 000 rubles.

Where to begin supplying gas to your home?

The process of gasification of a private house starts with the preparation of documentation. Documents, THAT for the connection of gas in the private house is necessary in order to develop and coordinate the project of the gas supply to a private home. But we'll discuss this in the next article.

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