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 Connection to the gas in Russia decreased by 3.5 times



By the end of next year, the timing of connection to natural gas of small and medium businesses — restaurants, bakeries, medium-sized enterprises with a warehouse will reduce from the current 592 days to 170, that is 3.5 times. For projects under construction period will be even less 135 days.

These terms are spelled out in the two orders of the government, which indicated that a shorter period can touch objects with a maximum gas flow rate from 15 to 42 cubic meters per hour.

Private house usually spends up to five cubic meters of gas, i.e. under conditions can get normal tenants who will submit the collective application for connection to the gas.

Distance from the land to the nearest pipe in a straight line shall not exceed 150 metres.

The conditions under which it will be possible to reduce the time of connection, discussed in the Analytical center for the government representatives of the energy Ministry and the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) with utilities. Recommendations of the meeting will be sent to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The gasification program will use several sources — the Federal budget, regional funds and investments of "Gazprom", said the Deputy Director of Department of oil refining and gas at the energy Ministry, Maxim Lobanov. Just since 2005 on these measures left 543,3 billion rubles, and in the program just last year participated in 254 localities.
The length of gas pipelines in 11 years exceeded 31 thousand kilometers, gasified 4.8 thousand boiler houses and almost 790 thousand apartments and houses. In the result, the average gasification level in the country increased from 53.3 to 67.2 percent. In the cities the figure is slightly higher (70.9%), rural lower (57.1%), but trends will soon be reversed, says Maxim Lobanov, as in cities will gradually increase the level of connecting to the grid, and in rural areas, on the contrary, often there is no alternative to gas.
At the end of last year, the number of applications for connection to the gas network fell to 178 million, but increased the share of those, to whom the company gave the green light for the construction of the pipe — from 86 to 88 percent, according to the Ministry of energy. Deny applicants, mainly for three reasons: no possibility to connect gas in this location and submitted all documents or the company has no rights to lay pipes (for example, when talking about abandoned pipelines or those that belong to other organizations).
Now the issue of construction of gas distribution networks by the supplier of gas through the introduction of the special investment rate, said Maxim Lobanov. Currently in the works are two sides — the applicant and distribution organization (builds pipe to the border of the land). Supplier will be third party who is interested in connecting a new consumer on the condition "take or pay" (when the contract stipulates the amount of maximum supply, and the buyer undertakes in any case to pay them regardless of how much he bought actually). The provider in this case will be able to offset the cost of connecting the applicant directly to its construction and not to the border of the plot.
Source: http://proekt-gaz.ru/news/sroki_podkljuchenija_k_gazu_v_rossii_sokratjat_v_3_5_raza/2017-03-28-5473