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The gas connection to a private home



In a previous article we talked about the benefits of gasification of your home. Today we continue to develop this theme we will talk about connecting gas to a private home.

It is necessary to say that from March 1, 2014 new rules were adopted works on the gas connection to private homes. Now it began to deal with state gas service. In accordance with the Federal law "On gas supply" were defined main groups of gas consumers. Owners of individual private homes often fall into the first group of consumers for whom there are restrictions on gas consumption, consumption should not exceed 5 m3 per hour. However, this volume is sufficient to ensure heating in a private house with an area up to 250 m2.

Also, changes were made and prices. Now inset into the main pipe will be much cheaper – 52000 rubles. But to meet this amount, it will be possible only if the distance from your site to the necessary main pipe is not more than 200 meters.

In order to start the connection to the gas line, you need to start to apply to the gas distribution company, attach to this application a copy of the certificate on the property right and application for power consumption equipment. After collecting all required documents and, if technically possible, is a contract with the gasman.

How to connect a gas in a private house?

All stages of the gas supply to private home you can clearly see in this infographic from Mosoblgaz:

1. The preparation of the project of gasification of the house.

In order to hold the gas in a private house, you need to obtain the technical conditions (TU) for the gasification, after which you should contact a specialized organization that has the license for execution of works on designing of gas supply systems in your area.
It should be noted that the route for the gas connection to your home is the most financially costly part of the whole process. To draft gasification, you can take the advantage of the city gas authorities, or to private organizations that have permits for the implementation of this activity. In practice, many choose the latter option due to time saving, because state structures often delay the implementation of the project due to bureaucratic reasons, in some cases up to 7-8 months or longer.

What should be the project of gas supply to private home?

It needs to include the following items:

The list of connected devices in gas consumption in your home, their specifications.
Organization of the discharge of flue gas (chimney) and security measures.
The location of the appliances in the home given the current matching rules of the room.
Further, as mentioned above, the contractor selected for execution of works on connecting gas pipeline, connected to land and directly to your home.

2. The stage of installation and construction works.

Most often the first two points are operated by the same organization. Therefore, when choosing a contractor whether to appeal to the universal company. Besides, many of them in the complex order give a discount.

3. The gas connection to the house.

The contractor at this stage performs the actual connection of the supplied gas pipes to the distribution system of the home. When this input is valves that do not open on their own, without representatives of gas services in your city. After this, you should conduct safety training and to implement a control system to supply gas.

After all the stages you sign the act of acceptance of works and conclude a contract for maintenance of gas equipment and gas supply.
At the time of connection (all phases) usually lasts from six months to a year. But it's worth it, because the heating gas is three times cheaper than heating with electricity will pay off in 6-7 years! Yes and gasification of now is faster than before, and in the end it's a lot cheaper.
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How to connect the gas in the private house